Chingona Libre


Role | Visual Designer

Deliverables | Branding, Storefront, Social Media Calendar, Bags



What is Chingona Libre?

Chingona Libre is a pop-up shop created to empower all women and celebrate Hispanic businesswomen. It was created by a mother and daughter who always joked that they needed to put on their Chingona Chones and handle the day. The brand was created to teach Hispanic women and other women of color to take pride in their heritage and teach others about the culture.



The Consumer


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Name: Jessica Nichole

Age: 17

Jessica is preparing for freshman year in college. Her heritage has always been a big part of her life and doesn’t want to lose this as she goes to school. She stops by Chingona Libre for some items that remind her of home, and some inspiration to go be a Chingona.



Creating the Logo

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Chingona Libre in English translates loosely to being a free independent and strong woman. The logo is a mix of a luchador mask and a luchador poster background to show that strength is typically associated with men in the Hispanic culture. Mixed with a flower crown which is representative of the feminity in this mask and the balance of both masculine and feminine.



Color Palette

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The color palette for Chingona Libre was based on famous luchador masks that all consisted of three colors. The face is always a dark color, with a bright color to accentuate the details and a third to outline the facial features.




Social Media Calendar

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The social media accounts for Chingona Libre are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. These sites allow each individual part of Chingona Libre to be highlighted and celebrated by women of all ages.

Each day has three posts between the various platforms. These posts can be shoutouts to other chingonas, products that are sold in the retail shop, and a place to share professional experiences especially from a woman of colors perspective.

On top of this, there will be a weekly blog highlight post about a woman of color in business.





When you leave the store



Chingona Libre has branded reusable canvas bags for customers to bring back with them. Reusable bags have been a tradition in many markets and in-demand items with in Hispanic culture and tradition. Of course with a modern benefit of encouraging recycling, these are the perfect way for items to be wrapped up and brought home.